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Welcome all to your Higher PE Blog.  This blog will be used throughout the year as a means of communicating homework, revision tasks and discussion points.

Homework task for Monday 29th June.

Please read pages 8-9 ( Fitness assessment & Gathering data)

Complete HW 3 (page 60) – Fitness requires for chosen activity.

Select an activitythat you are familiar with and describe in detail the fitness requirements to participate in that activity and explain in detail how these fitness requirements influence your perofrmance.  If you select a team activity you must tailor your answer to a specific playing position.  Your answer should include

  1. The activity and your specific role
  2. Reference to aspects of fitness, from the three areas of fitness, with an appropriate explanation of each aspect
  3. An explanation of how each of these aspects of fitness influence your performance, in your selected role.

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Revision areas & questions

This weeks revision areas are taken from Skills & Techniques.  Please study these areas and answer the following questions.  Remember do not try and complete the questions off the top of your head, use all your support materials.  The questions are due for Friday 3rd April!!!!!  Any problems see me asap.

Information Processing Model – Principles of Effective Practice –

Factors Effecting Skill Learning – Skill Classification – Model Performers

1. Explain, in detail, what you understand about information processing and its relevance to learning and developing skill or refining techniques.

2.  Discuss the range of information you need to consider to allow you to make effective decisions in your whole performance.

3. Explain, in detail, what you understand about the principles of effective practice when developing skill and/or refining technique.

4. From the list below, select two of the factors that are influential in skill development.  Discuss how each of the factors chosen affected the development of your skill or technique during practice.

Motivation – Feedback – Anxiety – Concentration – Confidence

5. When learning or developing a skill or technique, discuss the importance of Skill Classification.

6 . Explain the benefits of considering a model/skilled performer when learning or developing a skill or technique.

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New support materials

I have placed three new support materials to help you with your studying.  I have put a mind map for each of the areas on the Wikispace.  They give you a break down of all the topics and areas within these topics that you will need to revise.

If any one has any problems accessing them please let me know.

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Revision Topics

This weeks revision topics are as follows, please complete all questions for Thursday 26th Period 5.

Roles & Responsibilities – Offensive & Defensive Strategies – Principles of Play.

Please read the appropriate chapters of your course work book as well as the additional information on the wiki space to help you complete the following questions.  I have deliberately not put a mark beside the questions as I want you to complete the question in as much detail as you possibly can.

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Describe, in detail a Structure or Strategy you have used.  Outline the role you performed when apllying this structure or strategy.  Discuss some of the decisions you had to make during your performance.

2. During your application of your chosen structure or strategy focusing your attention on the relevant information can ensure that effective decisions are made.  With reference to your role give two examples of two pieces of information you would look for to help inform your decision.

Offensive & Defensive Strategies

3.  Choose a offensive strategy and explain the benefits that can be gained from applying this strategy.

4. Describe an alternative structure or strategy you have used.  Discuss the circumstances where you would choose to use this alternative

Principles of Play

5. When performing in an activity of your choice explain the importance of group and team principles of play.

6. Structures & strategies are  based on a number of key principles/fundamentals. For example Speed in Attack, width/Depth/Mobility, Using Repetition, Variation and Contrast, and the Importance of Creativity. Choose two, either from the  course or from the list above and explain their importance when applying the Structure or Strategy.

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Skills & Techniques Task

Before your start completing your answer Rocky has a few inspirational words for you all.

This question is to be completed and handed in on Monday 12th.  Please use your workbook to aid you with your answer.

Choose an activity and a skill or technique.

(a) When learning and developing a skill, it is important to work through the three stages of learning.  These are the preparation, practice and automatic stage.  Explain what you understand about each stage.   (6 marks)

(b) Discuss why it is appropriate to use different methods of practice at two stages of learning.  Give examples from your programme of work to support your answer.  (6 marks)

(c) Describe how you monitored your progress as you worked through your development programme.  (4 marks)

(d) Having developed this skill/technique, discuss the effect that this has had on your whole performance. (4 marks)

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Skills & Techniques Task – Due 8 December

Remember to use your plan and your workbook to help you answer the questions.  Take your time and aim to produce your best piece of work to date.  If you have any questions please ask before Monday.

(a) From an activity of your choice, describe and explain one method that you have used to analyse your performnace of a technique.  Explain why thismethod was appropriate for you. (5)

(b) From your analysis in part (a) describe in detail the strengths and weaknesses of your technique.  Explain how this affected your overall performance. (4)

(c) Describe in detail a plan of improvement to correct the weakness you identified in part (b).  Your answer must include consideration for the principles of effective practice.

(d) Discuss the changes that occurred within your performance when following your programme of practice as you progressed from one stage of learning to the next. (5)

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Skills & Techniques Tasks – Due 31-10-08

In order to complete the folowing questions you will have to read Chapters 1 & 2 of your workbook.

Homework One

  1. Explain in your own words what a skill is.
  2. Define what an open skill is an give an example to support your answer.
  3. Define what a closed skill is and give an example to support your answer.
  4. Place the skills below on the open/closed continuim then place the skills on the internally.externally paced continuium.
  5. Using the same list of skills indicate whether you think they are continuous, serial or discrete

Football volley, hockey penalty flick, golf drive, basketball free throw, badminton smash, forward roll, rugby tackle, long jump, cycling and the pole vault.

Homework Two

Select an activity of your choice and describe in detail what you would expect to see in the performance of a highly skilled player, giving examples to back up your answer.

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Due 1st October

You have two pieces of homework due for next Wednesday.  Firstly i would like you to redraft the exam questions that you were given last week (for some of you this will not be a redraft but a first attempt, remember i know who you are!!!).  This time i would like you to use the example I gave you on Thursday as well as the comments I made on your first attempt.  Read the question carefuly, split it into 2 or 3 sections and attempt to answer all the sections.  If you have any queries please see me before Wednesday.

The second piece of homework that i would like you to complete is homework 8.  It can be found on page 62 on your workbook or below.

Homework 8

State which aspect of fitness is the main weakness and suggest appropriate methods of training for the following performers.  Explain why you made your choices.  If you fail to identify the correct aspect of fitness no marks will be awarded.

  1. A swimmer whose backstroke is poor becasue her arm enters the water far too wide.
  2. A hockey player who is unable to make repeated sprints towards the end of the game.
  3. A footballer who is unable to maintain a high work rate, touch and control decrease and he is breathing heavily in the second half.
  4. A rugby player who is unable to lift the jumper in the line out.
  5. A volleyball player who is unable to get height in his vertical jump to block effectively at the net.
  6. A tennis player who is slow at getting to the net.
  7. A badminton player whose legs become tired and heavy in the latter stages of a game.

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Exam Question & Homework 7

Exam Question

(a) Choose one activity.  With reference to your own fitness levels, discuss the specific fitness demands of this activity.  (6 marks)

(b) With reference to two of the fitness demands you identified in Part (a), describe, briefly, the methods you used to assess your fitness.  (4 marks)

Homework 7

(1) Write 3 or 4 sentences for each answer to explain what the following principles of training mean.

  •  progressive overload
  • frequency
  • duration
  • reversibility
  • specificity
  • rest
  • intensity adaptation

(2) Explain what is meant by the term AEROBIC exercise.

(3) Explain what is meant by ANAEROBIC exercise

(4) Which of the following activities are aeroci and which are anaerobic and state which of the 3 main energy systems is used to supply the energy needed in each activity.

  • 100m sprint
  • 25 minute run
  • 400m sprint
  • a bench press
  • handspring vault
  • 800m swim

Please use your workbook to help with your response.  Any questions just post a comment or see me in class.

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Homeworks 5 & 6 Due 17th Sept

Homework 5

When we gathered data on our performance in football we used video, ticksheets and a personal thoughts and feelings sheet.  Your task is to explain in detail why these methods were appropriate.

Your answer should be about a page in length and will be marked on a pass/fail basis.

Homework 6

From the data you will have highlighted a specific fitness weakness.  For the purpose of this homework it will be CVE.  Your task is to select one method of assessing this specific aspect of fitness, name it and explain in detail why this method was appropriate.

Your answer should be around a page in length and will be marked on a pass/fail basis.

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